Kā ierakstīt stream video?

Bija nepieciešams ierakstīt live konferenci, lai to pēc tam varētu atkārtoti noskatīties offline.
Paņēmu vienu no pirmajiem googles rezultātiem un biju apmierināts.
Pamācība šeit (izmantoju pirmo variantu).
Saglabāju pamācību (bez attēliem):

METHOD #1 (The best for all – for beginners and for advanced users, the easiest and the most efficient approach)

Yes, it is possible to save Windows Media video streams from the Internet delivered via modem or broadband connection. You can save on-demand webcasts (provided as links to files with .ASX extensions), TV shows, movies, videoclips, etc. You can watch streaming video from Internet in Windows Media Player, but this player doesn’t allow to save video as a separate file to your hard disk.

In order to record streaming video and then save it as ASF, WMV file, you must download and install a special program – GetASFStream.

Click here to download GetAsfStream

As far as we know, GetASFStream is the BEST FREE internet video recording software, which handles http, mms, rtsp Windows Media Protocols. It was created by Japanese programmers, but in the latest version English translation is present.

Step 1. So, install GetASFStream, and launch it (click Start -> Programs -> GetASFStream -> GetASFStream). The following screen will appear:

Next, find a link to the streaming video that you want to save. As an example, let’s choose on-demand webcast from the Microsoft site. Follow this location:

On this page you’ll find several video webcasts of Bill Gates. Ok, let’s choose “Bill Gates Celebrates Worldwide General Availability of Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office System”

(On-Demand Webcast link) :


As you can see, the webcast link ends with .asx — it is a standard extension for video streaming using Windows Media Player protocols.

Step 2. Right-click on this link, and choose to Copy Shortcut or Copy link location (address) from the drop-down menu.

The following window of the GetASFStream program will pop-up:

Step 3. Click Add button. The ASX link will be added into program.

Finally, click the red button as shown below.

Great! Just wait while the program records video stream from the web site. You can see the progress bar, which shows you the actual status (from 0% to 100%).

The file will be saved as ASF or WMV into the following folder C:\Program Files\GetASFStream\root

When the process of recording is finished, you can launch the file and watch it in any media player — such as Vidmex

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